Why your fiverr gig is not selling

You spend 30 minutes to create a gig on Fiverr, and you wait for the buyer to come, day by day. Unfortunately, it does not happen, in most cases. Actually, most of the reason that your Fiverr gig not selling is:


Let’s say you have a logo design gig, and your gig tile is like this: I’ll design any logo for you. See that, your gig title is total means nothing, especially for new sellers. You don’t have any feedbacks and ratings, how could a potential buyer is willing to purchase your service?

So, you need to put your self in the shoe of a buyer. Ask yourself these questions below:

  • What kind of logo are they looking for? an animal logo? or a text logo?
  • What’s the industry of the buyer? Software and apps? technical firms?
  • How fast they want to get the final result? 24 hours or a week?

I strongly suggest you think about these kinds of questions and write them down, that would help you to improve the gig title. Now you could change the title as: I’ll design an excellent text-logo for technology firms in 24 hours.

Additional: How to use Google and Fiverr search box to find more specific gig title suggestions.

By now, the specific gig title looks much better than the original one. Actually, specific gig title would separate you from average and make your gig in a better ranking position once the buyer searches with keyword combinations.

There is, of course, a lot of things you need to be careful when you creating the gigs, such as your gig thumbnail or video, the pricing strategy,  the description of your gigs and your profile. We’ll cover those topics in the future.