The top 10 tips to succeed in Fiverr freelancing

In the last post, we discussed how to find out long tail keywords for your gig title, but it’s still not enough for an attractive gig, you need to make sure your Fiverr gig outstanding in 2 steps with 10 tips. Let’s take a look at the two steps firstly.

  • Step 1, Make your gig noticeable on the search page or subcategory page.
  • Step 2, Make your gig detail page looks professional, fast-delivered and risk-free.

So let’s talk about how to make your gig noticeable on the search page or subcategory page. Let’s say your gig now resided in a full subcategory page on which a buyer is scanning. For most possibilities, Jack, the buyer is trying to find out which one gets most feedbacks and best ratings. That’s human instinct; people wanna follow other’s choice because that’s the most energy-saving decision way. So, we come to the first tip:

Tip 1, Get feedbacks from buyers is the most important thing for any seller. If you are new to Fiverr and you just submitted your first gig, don’t just wait for buyers, you need to act. Firstly, share your gigs to your friends, classmates, relatives, neighbors, anyone you know, and you think this gig might help him or her. Grab the first feedback, is a milestone of your online freelance path. That would make you survive in the search page scanning of a buyer.

Jack is not only checking about the feedback and rating; he still would like to check the thumbnail pictures or video.

Tip 2, Show the results what buyer need in the picture or thumbnail video. If you are selling a logo design service, put your best works and portfolio in the thumbnail.

Now Jack notices your gig, and it lookings good, and he clicks on your gig, get through to the gig detail page, and he is going to ask you some questions but find out you are not online…

Tip 3, Make sure you are online and available for buyers as much as you can. Your online status is important to sell your gigs, more and more buyer is lack of patience, especially when they are new customers for you.

OK, you are available now and is chatting with your potential buyer Jack. He is asking you for any reference, but you are not prepared, and you only say I could do whatever you want me to do…

Tip 4, Be prepared before you chat with a buyer. Make a list of possible questions a buyer would ask, like your reference, portfolio, the pricing, delivery time, revision and so on. Fiverr provide a good FAQ section, it’s better to enrich the FAQ part. People used to read, rather than ask. If your selling process requires a lot of information form your customer, I strongly recommend you the TypeForm, an online tool to create a question list, and easy-to-use, that makes you professional and experienced.

Okay, now Jack is very satisfied with your professional response, but he still has a little bit worried about purchasing. He is considering the money risk and time risk. So here we go the next two tips.

Tip 5, 100% refunded guarantee would maximize the conversion rate. A buyer does not want to take any risks. If your gig is claimed 100% refund with no reason, that makes the buyer is more willing to give you a shot, even you are a newbie seller.

Tip 6, Claim the deadline firstly. The most horrible things about outsourcing are out of date and out of control. So give them your words on deadline. I made a lot of wrong decisions on newbie sellers, the most frustrating thing for me is the seller cannot deliver on time.

By now Jack is about to purchase your gig, but he told you will back soon. Mostly, he might ask other seller questions and make a comparison. So, you can not just wait for his response; it’s time to send some cookies to your potential buyer.

Tip 7, Give a bonus to the customer. For example, if you are selling post writing service, you could deliver with an additional search engine ping service, that does not cost you too much time and energy, but would make your gig more competitive, compare to the same priced gigs.

Okay, for now, Jack is finally purchased and don’t forget to let him:

Tip 8, Ask the buyer to save your gig. Save your gig is very easy for just one click, but it does help with your gig ranking. You could ask all of you buyers to save your gig, and that would bring your gig more traffics from Fiverr.

Tip 9, Deliver on time. That’s so important, so I want to emphasize it three times. If you can’t do that, remember to communicate with the buyer before the deadline, a bad rating would hurt your reputation seriously and stops people from cooperating with you.

Tip 10, Always ask for a positive review. Every successful deal would make your Fiverr life more smooth.

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