The Fiverr Alternatives in China is now the most popular freelance website worldwide. When you are looking for an alternative of Fiverr in China, that would be challenged task because of the language problem. Now let’s jump to the list.

Taobao is the biggest shopping platform (c2c) in China. You could find almost everything on it, not only products but also services like website building, social media marketing service, SEO writing, translation and so on.

Last year, my cell phone was not able to work, and I bought a service on Taobao for a remote fix. The service provider response pretty fast, and it solves my problem. When you search on, the system will show you two types of listings: Taobao listing and Tmall listing. Taobao listing is for c2c and Tmall is for b2c, which means Taobao listing is usually an individual seller, and Tmall listing is usually a team or a company.

You need a Chinese bank account to link to your Alipay for purchasing on, and most of the seller on Taobao is not able to provide service to those who didn’t speak Chinese. So if you are living in China and no problem of the language, Taobao is an amazing choice for you. You could also find some Fiverr sellers providing Taobao purchasing services. is the largest freelancing website in China. I tried it for logo design service four years ago, and then I use it for no more than three times in total.

The reason why I’m not using ZBJ for a long time is that once you make a payment on the platform, you can not withdraw it. The second reason why I don’t recommend is it’s too hard to find a good seller. The listings are the same, every seller is 100% or 99% recommended, and if you want to check their portfolio, you need to check every seller’s detail page.

I did research for Fiverr alternatives in China for 2 hours, and I find a lot but low-quality sites, and none of them is worth for my suggestion. So, the only one I recommend is, because if you are not satisfied with your work, your money is 100% back to your pocket for sure.

What types of tasks should you outsource in China?

Of course, if the tasks could be finished well on Fiverr or Upwork, you don’t have to look for an alternative to Fiverr in China. But if you are running a business targeting for the Chinese market, outsourcing your tasks on Taobao would be a good choice, such as:

  1. search campaign marketing
  2. Wechat social marketing
  3. App develops for Chinese
  4. News and article publishment on Chinese media
  5. Chinese articles writing and translation
  6. Chinese voice over

Finally, if you need any help on Chinese internet marketing, I might give you some valuable suggestions.