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Job hunting? You’ve got to check this out, seriously

Let’s say you were a graduate just out of college in 1977, and you applied your resume to a lot of startup companies. Finally, you get only 2 offers. One of them called “SPLANDID”, the other was “APPLE”. The first offer was much better than the stupid second one, and you were happy to join the team of “SPLANDID” for the maiden sail of your career life……

The rest is history.

Most of us mortals can’t predict the future, let alone a young man who just out of his college. Your first job is a big issue, it really matters, to your whole life. But, most young guys do not spend proportionate time and energy to cherry-pick job opportunities. They just land on a job website, check the job’s posting details, and send the resume.

Hey, just wait a second. Do you know what this means to you? Do you know you’re gonna spend your next couple of years in an industry that you have no idea about? And do you know the possibility of this company going bankrupt in the next 5 years?

Chances are you don’t. You just throw yourself into a random system without asking any WHYs.

Imagine you joined Apple in 1977, or Instagram in 2011, what would happen to you for the rest of your career life. Now you’ve probably known what I want you to do before you randomly apply for jobs. You’ve got to LOOK TO THE FUTURE.

The first job is actually our first and the most important investment decision need to be made, as we are at the age when we know nothing about our great economy and society. What a huge risk!

Then how do we gathered as much information as we can, to find find out a promising startup and industry?

Well, ask the capital.

Our economy is driven by capital. Investment capital is deeply shaped our economy and future. Once a startup is just budding in the market, investment firms would rush to it and help it grow into a unicorn or giant. As a job seeker, all you need to do is just narrow your job search into the promising industries and companies. And the best tool that helps you to figure these things out is CrunchBase.

What is CrunchBase

Crunchbase is the biggest startup company database, it gives a clear picture of how this company is viewed in the eyes of investment fundings. With the help of the Crunchbase database, you’ll easily find out which industry and company suits you the best, and at the same time has huge growth potentiality

How to use Crunchbase

Go to Crunchbase, search “internet” and you’ll get the result of all the companies with a tag of “internet”.

Then you could narrow your search by the headquarters location, Industry, and the number of employees.

Narrow your search in Crunchbas

It’s not that difficult to list all the companies in your narrowing search. Let’s say you are looking for the big-data related jobs in Boston, and here below is part of the list:

Search result in Crunchbase

The CB Rank is an index that ranks all the companies in the Crunchbase database, the higher rank the better company is, in the eyes of investment capitals.

Click through the company names to find out more information, including the websites, contact emails, and telephone numbers.


Crunchbase provides only five top results to non-users, you’ll have to register and sign up for a 14 days free trial, the limitation would be removed. I believe 14-days is enough for you to investigate your targeted industries and companies.

If you don’t want to subscribe to the free trial with your credit card, go check this Fiverr link, you’ll find guys who provide Crunchbase data search services.

Last but not least, please always remember the choice is more important than effort, to some extent.