How to Setup a SEO-Friendly Gig Title

The last post we discussed the importance of a specific title towards your Fiverr gig success. Now, let’s deep down on this title’s setup. we’ll see how to create an SEO-friendly gig title.

1. Use the Google Keywords Tool.

If you have a Google AdWords account, then you are accessible to the google keywords tool. Let’s say you are a logo designer. Here below is the keywords from google keywords tool if you search “logo”. As you can see, “IT logo design”, “team logo design”, “artist logo” could be used for your gig title.

google keywords tool for fiverr gig title

2. Use the Google Keywords Suggestion.

Google search box is a great place to make you inspired. I just input “Logo design of” and you can get the following suggestions.

google keywords suggestion for fiverr gigs title

Furthermore, you can input keywords as “logo design of a-z” to maximize your option.

google keywords suggestions for fiverr gig title

Yes, you could use bing search suggestions if you are not satisfied with Google.

3. Use the Fiverr Keywords Suggestion.

A Fiverr search box is also a great place that gets you more options. A little trick of here is, you could add 2 letters after the main input. For example: “logo design aa” “logo design ab” … “logo design az” … “logo design zz”.

fiverr gig title suggestion

These might take you for a while to get more suggestion. I’m actually working on a python script to make this process automatically.

If you have any other good idea about craft specific gig title, please comment below.