How to Find Out the Passions of Our Lives?

You’ve probably read a lot of stories in newspapers and magazines that tell some guy who succeeded because he’d found his passions of life, and was living in a dream without fears and puzzles. That sounds so attractive to us, no longer suffering on these kinds of stuff we hate, and just enjoy the things we love.

But, there is always a but. I have been pursuing my passion for more than a decade, and I finally realized that finding a passion is totally a myth for me. Each time I thought I’ve found it, no more than a month or two, I’ll skip it and move on to another issue. I just can’t make it persistent. After the early period of fresh experience, I would sooner or later lose my patience, abandon it, and keep searching for my next passion stuff.

Passion is not something fixed in our lives waiting for our excavation. It changes all the time, it changes depending on our ages, mental states, knowledge, and interests. I was pretty fascinated by video games when I was a teenager, but now I changed and no longer goofing off on it. I was captivated by coding (PHP and Javascript), but it also didn’t last for long. Passion is a flash of sparks, it comes and goes rapidly in our lifetime.

After been through so many attempts and efforts on pursuing my passion. I ultimately surrendered to the passion hunting process, and I reluctantly admitted that I’m the one who could easily shift attention to the next stuff, I’m not a guy with perseverance.

So, I decide to create a passion, not find one.

I started expanding my vocabulary in December 2019. I had only a measly vocabulary of around 6000 words. As a non-native English speaker, that was not a shame number, I even pretty confident about my English level among my peers. After 12-months of continuous efforts my vocabulary is now expanded to 18,700.

I’d TRIPLE the size of it and that’s totally beyond my expectation, and I’m adequately confident about achieving 30,000 in the next 12-month.

I read tons of blog posts, articles on the Internet and finished 14 books in a sum. I underlined all the new words and phrases, saving them into my ANKI flashcards, and daily reviewed them for almost 360 days in a row. I categorized and set labels for each new word I learned. I wrote articles and snippets every day, answered questions on quora, and tried to implement the lately-learned words into my threads and posts.

Except for quitting smoke successfully, the last 12-month effort on vocabulary expending should be the proudest self-improve thing I’ve ever done.

But I hate cramming words into my brains, reading articles, collecting and reviewing new words cost me about 2-3 hours per day, but with the proper arrangement and methods, I found out I could stick to it, without much boring sense, but much of accomplishment. Hence, I realized the truth about passion:

Not passion keeps you moving, but keep moving brings you the passion.

Passion is not something that makes you happy when doing it, but something that sends you into fulfillment when you finished it. Yes, the sense of achievement is the real passion that could drive you into the dreamed future. When you feel it, you find the passion.

Now I’m no longer bewildered by my life. After realizing the truth of passion, I stop wandering in endless temporary attempts, I know it would not work if I quit too early. I need to keep digging until I found the goldmine.

Another amazing discovering for me is it does not have to be painful when you keep doing something daily, there are several tips that could make you fall in love with your little efforts.

  • Forget about your long-term goal. I’m not saying you should forget about it completely, I’m suggesting you move your attention away from the long-term target. If you just focus on the not yet accomplished target, your brain would keep annoying you and bring you into endless anxieties, and sooner or later persuade you to give up the thing.
  • Focused on your daily task and achievement. Remove all the stuff of tomorrow and the future out of your brain, just focused on what you need to do right now. The rest is not your brain’s business. Once you offload the burdens for tomorrow, you’ll have enough energy to deal with you tasks at hand. The power of now by Eckhart Tolle provides great help for me concentrating on my present moment, and it should also work for you.
  • Connecting with your hobbies. That’s the most challenging part of creating your passion. You might feel bored about everything in your life, maybe the only thing you have the propensity to do is laying on the couch, grab a bag of garbage food and spend your precious time in front of the television. But even you are just a guy obsessed with soap operas, you could still develop a passion out of that, why not create a website about introducing soap operas you love, and update the related posts for all the fans of the TV play? You could totally make it your second job, enjoy it, and even living on it.
  • Creating new things, not just consuming. The quintessential of achievements is being a creator, not a consumer. If you love to play video games, go register on Twitch and become a game host. If you are fond of reading sci-fi novels, try to write one of your own and self-publish it on Amazon. If you just love to travel, become a YouTuber who shows splendid sceneries to your audience. The pleasure of being a creator is exponentially higher than a consumer.
  • Show your period achievements to yourself and the people around. We are just humble humans, not superheroes. We need the courage and impetus to move on. We need dopamine secreted to sustain our positive behavior. We are eager for appreciation and recognition from the outside. The best way to boost your drive is to show your stage achievements to yourself and others around you. Post your article on forums and ask for an evaluation of it, or show your newly minted novel to your friend, and see if they enjoy it. Any positive feedback from others would definitely bring you confidence and momentum to keep moving.
  • Haste made no difference. Throw yourself into your work, turn off your cellphone, disconnect your network. Immerse yourself into the post you are writing, the video you are editing, the novel you are composing. You are not wasting time on useless stuff, you are trying your best to create high-quality stuff. Throughout this process, you grow up and become a better version of yourself.

The process of finding passion is the road to achieve fulfillment. Your passion is not a mysterious stone hiding somewhere, it’s contained in your daily self-assigned homework, and then increase confidence for your growing capabilities.

Once you can feel the achievements, you’ve found your real passion.