How to find out business ideas by search

This is not something new, but if you don’t know about this, you are missing at least a billion dollars.

Kidding. At most 1 million.

A good business idea does not have to be the first product or a solution. It just needs to be a little better than all the competitors.

It’s ture. When you are trapped into finding something brand new. So, right your ship, and moving to the right direction is so important.

Let me give you some tips about it.

How to xxx in one hour.

A business idea that save people’s time could be revealed by the search formula:

If you don’t like [one hour], switch it into any statements of time.

  • How to xxx ASAP
  • How to xxx fast
  • How to speed up xxx

See, all the above searches are people’s needs. Don’t waste your talent and imagination. Put these search combinations into Google search box, and check out the options pop up in the autocomplete list.

You’ll find a new world.

Sail your ship, to the wealth.