Google Autocomplete Keyword Tool: One Click to Save All Keywords

Google autocomplete function is an excellent way to expand the longtail keywords database on your niche. But you can’t copy these keywords, so I designed this tool to make your life easier. Let’s take a look at it:

There is a blue button “Save All to Right” on the right of “I’m Feeling Lucky,” when you click it, all the autocomplete keywords would be saved to the right blank box. Everytime you click the blue button, the current autocomplete keywords would be appended to the right box. When you finish the keywords research, you could copy all of the keywords to your notepad, and save it into a text file.

The right way to expand your longtail keywords

Let’s say your niche is “quit smoking”, then you could try these input to get more longtail keywords:

  • “quit smoking a”
  • “quit smoking b”
  • “quit smoking c”

Do you get it? Just try your main keywords combined with a-z and 0-9 then you’ll get almost as many as 360 long tail keywords. If you try “aa-zz” and “00-99”, you might get thousands of keywords.

How to Get This Tool

This tool is written as a script in TamperMonkey. TamperMonkey is a plugin for user script management works on Google Chrome, Firefox and also IE. You need to install the TamperMonkey firstly, and then you could add my script to the plugin setting. Here is the link of TamperMonkey on Google Chrome

Once you get the plugin installed, simply click the button below to install the script, and you could find it now resides in the [Installed Userscript]. Make sure the script is enabled, and the plugin is activated.

Enable the script

Activate the plugin

Google Autocomplete Keyword Tool

Click the above button to download the GAKT; I bet you’ll love it.

Note: if you are not searching on, but, you need to modify the script codes as below:

// @match
// @match*

// @match
// @match*