2000 hours, that’s the total time you could spend at work, each year

Time is money, but not exactly. It’s much fairer than money. Rich and poor have the same time to spend on their work. The difference is how they spend their time.

In the past ten years, I spent a lot of time on affiliate marketing, and tried a lot of things, including niche site building, SEO, Amazon selling, forum marketing, developing chrome plugin, ebook marketing, media buy, and finally, I realized that’s a big mistake. I tried too much stuff, but not focus on any of them.

Time is precious, whatever niche, whatever traffic source, the best way is to focus on one or two of them, do jump between them like a stupid frog. Nobody could easily make good money on the internet if you spend several hours on it. Most of so-called “Easy Money” does not exist. That’s 99% of scams.

Spend you workhour focused

If you want to make money via niche sites and so, go stick on it, generate high-quality content, interact with people, join the conversation, and add values. Forget about link building. Google doesn’t like link builder’s website; it only sends traffic to the sites which provide value to people.

Schedule your project and plan your time

Don’t jump into any new project before you have a detailed plan with a schedule. Time is your only resource if you don’t have money to outsource your work. I recommend Todoist; it’ll improve your time management, and is easy to use. Another tip for procrastinator is the Pomodoro technique, divide your time into 25-minutes-long units. Our brain is pretty hard to keep concentration over 30 minutes, so separate your big projects into small tasks, and you’ll be able to finish them in 25 minutes each.

Countdown your time left in hours per year

A big mistake I made repeatedly is I always spend too much time on things that have nothing to do with my goal. I plan to write an ebook, and I spent 2 hours to finish the index and book structure, and after that, I started to search on the internet and watch a video like TEDx talk like how to keep focused. That’s funny. A good idea to keep you focused is set a countdown clock on your desktop, reminds you how much time you left in hours for work. I know that would be a little stressed, but it does help.

So, if you have the same problem on time management like me, go and try these tips, I hope it works for you too. Buzzzzz, my Pomodoro clock rings, I gotta finish this post now……